Thursday, March 1, 2012

Davey Jones

When I heard Davey Jones died, I thought it was sad and didn't think too much about it. Later a friend posted this clip from "The Brady Bunch", after watching it it made me feel sadder, like a part of your childhood is gone. My husband asked didn't you watch "The Monkees Show" and I did, I remember it being goofy. I remember the Friday night prime time TV line-up (you did see I said prime time) Nanny and The Professor, The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family. How great TV watching was on Friday nights! We were a blended family, my mom, brother and me and my stepdad, 2 stepsisters and stepbrother. We were not the Brady Bunch. I was in the middle so I pretended I was Jan and I loved Peter Brady. Silly things from your childhood.

I spent the day singing Daydream Believer and Girl. Davey Jones you have a place in history and my childhood you will be missed.

I couldn't embed this video but here's the link:

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