Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Has Pinterest changed how you spend your time on the computer? It has mine, I use to blog hop and check out all sorts of blogs, now I spend that time on Pinterest pinning stuff and reading blogs I happen upon on there. I realize I miss blog hopping but I love Pinterest so I need to find a happy medium. When I joined Pinterest I joined to pin stuff I was interested in making, baking or for future references and that's how I use it. I get a kick out of other peoples Pinterest rules and I've read quite a few. One was about how to pin for your followers-- I was like wait --I'm pinning for me and if my followers like it --yay for them! I try to use the LLL philosophy take what works for you and leave the rest when I read other bloggers post.
My one and only rule is make sure your link goes somewhere, I will say I have pinned something without looking first and later went back to find it and it was two months ago on a blog or a pin from Bing that led to nowhere. So I'm guilty. So how do you balance your computer time?

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