Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today is my Birthday!

I was born a long time ago...okay 48 years ago. I remember when I thought 30 was old, now when people say an older guy or girl, I'm like how old and depending on who your talking to their old is different from your old. One of my girls might say old like your age mom or old like the grandparents. Old is all in the mind and eyes of the beholder!!

I'm been working on a couple prim swaps then it's on to sewing for our Washington DC trip. I want to make a few quillows for the bus trip, a camera case, a couple bags and I'm hoping to get a Kindle Fire so I will need to make a cover for that. We only have one computer to share between all of us, and there are times I want to look up a recipe or tutorial, so I'm hoping with the Kindle Fire that will work out great. I'm not real sure if I'd enjoy reading books from it, because I love books, holding them, turning pages, paying overdue fines, along with ruined library books charges.
This is the quillow tutorial, I thought being able to fold the blanket up into it self would help on the bus trip.
Here is the Kindle cover link.
I was think something like this to corral the reusable water bottles on the bus but I don't want to be stuck carrying all the bottles around. I made a water bottle bag a few years ago like this that I will make for my younger girls. I also started (I do that a lot) water bottle bags for a friends kids and need to finish them.
Camera case-- I want something to hang around my neck, the strap on the camera is a wrist strap but I don't want one more thing around my wrist especially when I'll be chasing after a 5 year old. I could keep it in my bag and just pull it out to take pictures but I fail at that sometimes.

KU is moving on in the tournaments, I need to finish that KU t-shirt quilt. My husband was wearing his K-State Dad's shirt the last time KU won so he had to find it last night to wear for last nights game. He's funny like that about KU.

Last Friday we spent the day at Synergistic Acres, we took two stray cats we've been feeding since they were babies to be barn cats at our friends farm. The cats were not thrilled but I'm sure they will get use to it and start showing there faces soon.

We had a lot of fun visiting with our friends, playing with the chicks or begging for chicks. The pigs are no longer little piglets, they are hogs now. When we left, Elise gave me a bouquet of daffodils and they looked pretty all week.


Christine said...

Hope you are spoiled!
You share the same b'day as my son he's 11 today!
best wishes
Christine x

Lora said...

Happy Birthday!

Laura said...

Birthday Wishes to you!

Cracked me up with the line about paying overdue fines. Our new local library doesn't charge fines at all. Crazy, huh?

Can't wait to see all your trip projects =)

Cindi said...

A very Happy belated birthday Allison! I hope all of your wishes came true!
Be blessed!