Saturday, March 3, 2012


I started working on this quilt 6 years ago and just finished it, the top has been done for at least 5 years it's the quilting that stopped it. It's suppose to be Turning Twenty with each block turned and when I realized the horses and little cowgirls would be sideways I just sewed it together without turning them. My first attempt at free motion quilting was awful, so I ripped it out, then I decided to stitch in the ditch but it needed more quilting between the ditches, so I ripped it out. I finally went to a friends and we laid it out flat and I spray basted (because I had a lot of puckering going on in the previous attempts). I read on a blog about how she made a quilt using the instructions from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. She used embroidery stitches. I used a flower chain stitch, a chicken scratch stitch and on others the zigzag stitch method. Jaime was so excited that I finished it and you can't beat that feeling. Until she said "Dad, mom finally finished my quilt after 6 years".

We spent the day in Manhattan, Kaitlyn's sorority Kappa Delta hosted Shamrock Shootout they raised money for two causes with 80% of the profits staying in Manhattan to support the Women's Crisis Center, the other 20% goes to Prevent Child Abuse America. Our tickets bought us a smorgasbord of food from Chipotle's, Mr. Goodcents, Buffalo Wild Wings, pizza, BBQ, cake and cookies. They fed a huge crowd with lines that seem to never end. I took my camera but didn't take any pictures, our table was one away from Bill Snyder. It was a fun time and great to see Kaitlyn.

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Sarah said...

Isn't it a great feeling to finish something that has been a work-in-progress for so long!? I'm sure Jaime will always treasure it.