Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Headed back to college

Yesterday we loaded up our van and Kaitlyn's car and headed to K-State. The summer seems to go so fast, this summer Kaitlyn worked full time at the Rec Day Camp. We were still able to squeeze some crafting time in and shopping at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabrics.  We always have more things to make than time and she also has to have time for hanging with her friends.  This is her junior year at K-State and we still miss her like crazy. I always hear some parents say after the first year it wasn't bad, I think the first year is the hardest but I've still felt sad the following years when she's left.  
Picasa wasn't letting my crop the pictures for some reason so you get to see all our loveliness on our deck in these pictures. In the two top pictures, we were trying to get a picture of the skirt Kaitlyn made when Amy decided she need to be in the pictures too, the bottom was when Kaitlyn packed her lunch in her Coraline lunchbox, all the girls at day camp loved Coraline. I was joking with her when I took her picture, but thought I'd include it in.  I never seem to remember to take pictures when we drop her off each year, but I also remember how I hated when my mom wanted to take my picture at camp or other places when people would be gawking at you. Now I wish I would have had the pictures of me at Camp Fire Camp because the camp no longer exists, except in my memories.

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