Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Taking the tree down

Taking down the Christmas tree, it seems like nobody else is interested or wants to help, but maybe in a way it's good. As I took the ornaments down this year, I had my prim ornies on the small tree and the bigger tree had kid made ornaments and all the KCAP swap ornaments. I was thinking of the friends who made the ornaments as I placed them in the box.  My prim ornies are made by bloggers who I've met through their blogs, on a prim forum or through a blog swap. I also have a lot of prim Christmas decorations--that I love, it's kind of sad packing them away for the next Christmas. I feel a little guilt for all the Christmas stuff I didn't get out this Christmas. I need to go back through everything and see what needs to find a new home. I know I'm not the only one late to take the tree down, when I'm driving at night I see Christmas light still shining in windows.

Ha-- I wrote this and had to leave to drive one of my daughters to youth group, when I came home, my 6 year old had played Christmas and decorated the small tree with ornaments.  This picture is her handiwork. This Christmas tree was bought one year when I was tree crazed, it's funny, because I looked at the picture and didn't pay attention to the height and whatever else it stated on the box. I pulled this out of the box when I got home and laughed and laughed because it wasn't what I was expecting. I'm thinking of this great bargain I had and that it would be a much fuller tree.  I did keep it and it is a pretty tree. I later found one at the thrift store that was new in the box for $20.

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