Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Everyday Ruralty
I'm linking up with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

1. Have you cooked any interesting dishes lately?
2. What question would you like to ask Wendell?
If you could be in any TV Show what would it be?
3.Have you had any thoughts on Christmas yet?
Yes---fleeting thoughts. I need to start going through my Pinterest boards for ideas.
4. Do you make jams and jellies?
I have made grape jelly, strawberry jam, jalapeno jelly. I would love to make many more.
5. Do you have any board games you enjoy?
I prefer card games. My children love board games such as Life, Monopoly, Chutes and Ladder, Harry Potter and Memory.

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Patrice said...

Hi! It's Wendell here. If I could be on any show, I would be on Dancing with the Horses/Stars. Wouldn't I look fine in a sparkly costume, spinning around the stage? I think it would be fun to be on a cooking show too! Did you know they have food there? Hugs, Wendell