Thursday, August 15, 2013

What I've been doing

I've been learning/apprenticing with my friend who has a upholstery shop, mostly tearing down pieces. I have a couple pieces of our furniture that need to be recovered, hopefully soon I'll be able to get the material to work on them. Kaitlyn and I found this chair at a thrift store and passed it up  once, I ran back two days later and bought it for $7. It was pretty ugly. She had her eye on some material at JoAnn's and when we went back to buy it it was no longer in stock. My friend offered us recycled materiel in great shape for free. This is my first chair that I upholstered, my friend was nearby to help when ever I had a question which was quite often. The back piece wasn't big enough so we used this tan material for cording and the back. 

I bought this foot stool at a garage sale, again my friend had extra material, it was so cute and I love the material. This also went back to school with Kaitlyn, she starts her senior year at K-State this month.

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Christine said...

That is a skill I'd love to learn also. Your chair and footstool are great and I love the fabric of the chair. It's bound to feel good knowing you brought about that transformation!
Best wishes