Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Everyday Ruralty

I'm linking up with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.


1. Do you remember your first day of school?
Somewhat-- I remember getting on the wrong bus to come home. I remember the milk cartons in Kindergarten, picking out library books and napping on the mat. 

2. Do you decorate for the different seasons? If so have you decorated for fall yet?
I decorate for most of the seasons. I still have my patriotic stuff up and need to start bringing out my fall stuff.

3.What food do you associate with fall?
Apples, pumpkins, soups,  

4.Do you order books online, buy books in a bookstore, download to a device or frequent the library ? If not interested in books, how do you get your music?
I use the library and read a lot of books and if I decide I can't live without a book, I'll usually go with Amazon. I have a Nook but have not bought a book to read on it, call me old fashion but my favorite way to read a book is to hold a real book.

5. When was the last time you realized you were talking to someone really special?
I consider my family really special, so I'll say everyday.

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Denise * KKL Primitives said...

I agree with you on holding a REAL book Allison! I love to read and get most of my books from the library. I do love to browse through the stacks of books I find at the flea markets. But if they are more than $1 I can get it at the library for free. I'm currently reading Under The Dome by Stephen King. I'm halfway through it ( VERY thick book!) and it's due back at the library in 2 days. I'll not be able to finish it by then so tried to renew it but someone else has requested it so I have to re-request it and mark down what page I was last on so I can finish it! lol Normally I would have been able to finish it on time but I had craft orders to fill .......My first day of Kindergarten was 56 years ago...I have no recollection of it. :(