Thursday, December 10, 2009


Volleyball team

Being goofy

Trying to be funny when Jaime didn't feel good

My daughter Melissa has scoliosis and had surgery Tuesday, they had to stop three hours into the surgery take the screws out and close her back up because the nerve monitor went off. The Dr. made sure she could move her hands and feet and she had a MRI and everything looks good so they rescheduled the surgery for next week.

After the nurse told us they stopped the surgery my husband wasn't feeling good and the nurse wanted him to go the ER. Since it was a children's hospital they transferred him to another hospital across the street. Long story short it was caused by stress and he was dehydrated and had a gastric issue and only had to be there a couple hours. They moved her from the PICU to a regular room tonight.

She's enjoying the room service, you can order your meal whenever you're hungry and they deliver it within thirty minutes.

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