Thursday, May 9, 2013

Band Concerts


This week was filled with band concerts, the last one for the high school, Melissa is playing the flute on the second row, last person you can see.  Ha -- Last year was her first year in band and when I went to the 1st concert I saw all these open seats on the side, I was like yay! great seats till I realized that I could only see backs. So this year I did better at the winter concert but don't know what I was thinking picking out my seats this time. I could see Melissa but not much of the rest of the band. Ok--- next year I'll get it right!

 Jaime playing the clarinet at the 6th Grade Academy. This was the first year they combined all the 6th graders together. She wanted to stay at the grade school but one happy thing was they all had Ipads. Onward to middle school for her.

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