Friday, May 24, 2013


Just sharing my cuteness for today.

 This picture shouts HAPPY to me. I love the colors.

This is a picture I pinned to my Cute board-- I had to hunt down the link since the one I pinned was showing 404.......

I love the saying so sweet---- when my girls were younger I couldn't wear necklaces without someone pulling on it, and arms are much nicer.

  This just linked to the picture no credit to who made it.

These sweet kitties remind me of some that we had -- a stray cat had her kittens and we ended up with 5--3 looked like the black and whites, with one like the kitty with the spot on the chin and another more white with less black. Luckily we found homes for 3 of them.

This picture is from The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee Blog.

I was looking through my boards on Pinterest the other day and have all these cute pins posted in where else my Cute board. I decided I should post the pictures---- what was the use of saving all this cuteness if I did nothing with it. I also have been planning this post about Pinterest for months. I love Pinterest and wrote a blog post before of my love and things that drive me crazy about it.  I will admit that there are some pins I don't make sure link up and others I'm anal about. The ones I like because of the pictures I usually don't---- obviously I found out today when I went to copy pictures that two didn't link to the pin and one only linked to a picture--- no mention or link to who made it. I usually always check projects, tutorials or anything I want to make, because there is nothing like sitting down to make something and you have to wade through 40 pages of a blog to find what you were looking for if they don't have a search button.

I have another Pinterest post coming up....soon............................................  :-)  

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Sherri said...

Allison, you are a girl after my own heart...First sewing & now Pinterest. What next? I'm a new follower (I found you through Patrice's chats at Everyday Rurality) & I just love your blog. Can't wait to read more. Have a blessed day :O)

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