Friday, December 5, 2008

These ornaments are from the swap on Sewing Mamas. I'm missing a patchwork stocking and need to find where it's ran off too.

These goodies are from the playfood swap with our preschool co-op. Amy will be finding these in her Christmas stocking (as long as I get it finished), an ice cream cone and a popsicle along with apple and kiwi slices.

Meet Bob, he's been with our family since early October. Jaime went with her Brownie troop to a pumpkin patch and brought Bob home with her. I'm not sure why she named him but he's been to school for awhile, I found him sitting on are bed one night and in many other areas of our house. She wouldn't let me cut him up to cook and he's sitting outside now, no longer on the slide it looks like he slid down. We're hoping to place him in his final resting spot in our back yard close to the compost pile and meet his offspring next year.

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