Saturday, March 30, 2013

Busy Day

Isn't that the cutest stitchery! The Easter Blessings was another item in the swap a few years ago from Tina of Tina's Primitive Attic after looking at my old swap picture, she also made the eggs too. The rabbit beside it, came from a garage sale.

Our church had a fun Easter Fest and this year I worked the Three in a Row booth. It was a fun time for everybody, it was heartwarming to see all the people who volunteered to work, besides the games we had two inflatables, two egg hunts (which were held inside this year,~a slight drizzle along with mud outside) and free food, the community children were out in full force!

Next on the agenda was egg dyeing~~ we made our own natural dyes this year and I'll be posting on my Pinned It, Made It! Monday blog.

I spent the rest of the day/evening working at Sporting KC's soccer game, fun but exhausting.

I forgot the funny part from this morning. I woke up freaking out----"How could I forget to put out the Easter Baskets?" I ran down to the basement grabbed the bag, started to unload it and then it hit me-----"This was only Saturday", ~~~took them back downstairs and breathed a sign of relief. :-)  

 Have you ever done anything crazy like that?


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