Monday, March 4, 2013

Pinned It, Made It! Monday

I bought this Holly Hobbie material years ago either off Ebay or Sewing Mama's. I had planned to make something for one of my daughters. I found it languishing away on a shelf, and thought I loved Holly Hobbie, what could I make for myself with it. My first thought was this tutorial. I grabbed a pair of pj  pants and didn't add any extra inches because they were pretty loose. I couldn't lay them out like in the tutorial. So I just folded the material in half since I knew I didn't have enough to make the full length. I didn't measure how much I needed, I just cut what I thought I would need of the green flannel. Ha ha after I sewed the pants together I decided I didn't like the length and took it off and measured it the second time. :-) I also looked at this one  but mostly used the first one. So all you people who say you can't sew you can!!! Mistakes happen to almost everybody. Besides the above mentioned mistake my other mistake was --I laid the pj pants I was copying the wrong way on the material when I cut it out. I was looking at it like this doesn't look anything like what she's showing me and after looking at mine again I figure it out. So I sewed up the one side that should have been on the fold and cut the side that shouldn't  have been on the fold, so my pieces matched the picture. I've had years of sewing but I'm still a goofball! Hopefully all that made sense!

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