Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Everyday Ruralty

1. Who has the most outgoing personality in your family?
  I'm going to say me.

2. How did you name your blog?
  I was trying to decide what kind of blog I wanted--sewing, quilting, prim and decided if would just be a big mix of what I like and family things. Since I have 5 daughters and liked to sew --Sew Many Girls --just fit.

3. What's your favorite topping for ice cream?
 Pecans, walnuts, almonds and if the ice cream isn't chocolate or rocky road it's not worth eating to me.

4. Tell me about someone you know who would make a wonderful character in a book.
 I had a fourth grade teacher that was wonderful and always had stories to share.

5. Please tell me up to three questions I should ask on future farmhouse chats?
Since I just joined in I'm not sure what questions have already been covered.

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Patrice said...

I'm sorry that I'm so late getting to you!I have 4 daughters. I like your blog name. Don't you love being a girl mom? I hope to see you on the porch this week. I'm using questions by the other gals. Have a great week!