Thursday, March 28, 2013

It feels like Spring!!

The temperature  in Kansas City today is 63! The snow is almost melted, I can see the grass.
 I started working on a wreath and this is what I came up with, I had some egg picks, a bouquet of flowers and I tried out a few bunny's I had sitting around but didn't like them so I tried this sweet bunny and it works.
I bought at least 16 of the bunny cups at a garage sale years back and gave quite a few of them away and decided to save one for each of my girls and 2 for myself.  They are peat cups painted white, the ears were made out of an old quilt, they are so cute.
 This little bunny was made by Tina of Tina's Primitive Attic--we were swap partners years ago.

 This big guy was another garage sale piece, I'd put him on the floor but the cats would have a hay day with him. I was looking him over and I might have to make a smaller version.

I thought it was time to get all my Easter prims out before Easter was over, more pictures to come.
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Karen said...

I wish it was that warm here! Your Easter decorations are so cute...hope you have a very happy Easter!!

Laura said...

I have a bunny cup :)
It was 70 here on Thursday!