Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Everyday Ruralty

1. Did you grow up in a small town, or a big town? Did you like it?
    I grew up in a city and at that time it felt like a big town. We lived on an acre and a half, we rode our bikes all over the neighborhood, played tag, ghosts in the graveyard spent more time outside then inside.
2. If you could hear one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
 Tough question-- I don't know if I'd ever want to hear just one song for the rest of my life.
 This is one song I really like and always makes me smile.

3. What are your pet peeves?
   I can't think of any right now but this--- I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Things I love about Facebook being able to be in contact with my cousins, aunts and friends who moved. The hate part--- Realizing I liked people more before we became friends on FB, that may sound mean but people drive me crazy with some of the stuff they post. :-)  I'm glad it wasn't around when I was a teenager, but then again who knows it might have been easier to find out the truth by messaging someone on FB.

4. Do you remember your dreams? Are they in color or black and white? What is the craziest dream you ever had?
I do remember my dreams and they are in color. I've had so many crazy dreams in my life. Last night I had one about heads growing at the house I grew up in. I will admit to watching Dr. Who before I went to sleep.

5. What is the perfect pair of shoes for you?
   I wear clogs all the time except in summer then I switch to sandals.

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Boo and Kari said...

I'm with you about Facebook. I've reconnected with relatives and high school friends. That I like. On the other hand, I've found that many of my friends of recent years post things that I find very irritating.

Clogs are my favorite! No matter which season...they are absolutely my favorite!

Patrice said...

I also have a love/hate relationship with FB. I think we were better off for playing outside as kids. I think we were also better off for not having all the technology.