Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Pre-Valentine's Day

I felt this Valentine was appropriate for what happened last week. Jaime has a Rose hair tarantula, she's on her second one. Our sweet cats batted the first one around after removing the screen. This one is in a different container then what the picture below shows. It has a very small opening at the top and we always had something over it just in case. We also have it in our bedroom to keep it safe from cats. Last Wednesday we noticed it was missing, once it was on top and Jaime was able to get it back in. We started looking and it was no where to be found. Jaime was feeling pretty sad ---fast forward to Saturday. Melissa went into the bedroom looking for the remote and was walking on the beds to avoid the floor. Her dad came in and said what are you doing, get off the bed. He turned around and said "STOP" she was inches away from stepping on the spider.  It was on our bed and it's legs were peeking out of the blanket. Glad we found it! Jaime will buying a new container soon.      


Amy's classroom party was Tuesday, since they were out on Valentine's Day for Parent/Teacher's conferences. We made her valentines--- butterflies with smarties for the body. We played two games one was to run down read the heart and do what it says. It could be "Hop like a bunny", "Walk like a chicken", "Walk backwards", etc. The other one was two hearts that they had to stand on and each step could only be touching a heart. They were suppose to be racing against the other team but with how the classroom is set up, it didn't work out that way. They had a fun time!

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