Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Second snow in 4 days

This was the snow coming down Tuesday morning.

Here is a picture of our butterfly bush after the first snow,
this is what it looked like Tuesday morning.

This picture is from the first snow, the poor cats couldn't get around so Jim shoveled the deck.

It was pretty amazing to see the snow and hear the birds singing in the trees. The birds have been flying down to get cat food. 

 I think it's my fault we have so much snow! I looked at boots this fall and told myself get some next year. It hardly snowed in 11/12 winter, and  we had no snow days. Well this winter sure has been different --we had one snow day the day before Christmas break and two last week and two this week. They almost had a 6 day weekend except they had school on Monday and no school Tuesday and Wednesday.   So what have I've been wearing my clogs, what else. It's only bad if I step in deep snow! :-)

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