Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Everyday Ruralty

I'm linking up with Patrice at Everyday Ruralty.

  1. What is your favorite time of day to read? If you don't enjoy reading, then what is your favorite time to watch TV/movies?
  2. Did you watch the Super Bowl? If so, what was your favorite commercial? If you didn't watch it, what did you do Sunday night?
  3. Have you been watching Downton Abbey?Who's your favorite character? If not, have you seen any interesting TV or movies series lately?
  4. Do you enjoy home parties for selling items? (like Pampered Chef, Southern Living, Mary Kay)
  5. Please finish this sentence. If I work very hard, I can_________
1. Anytime! I love to read and when I find a few minutes I'll be reading.
2. I did not watch the Super Bowl but I've seen some of the commercials.  I love the Budweiser one with the horse, I cry every time I watch it. We were playing cards with my in-laws. 
3. I love Downton Abbey, three of my girls like it too, so I always have someone to watch it with. My favorite character that's a hard one-- I love the Dowager, and Mrs. Pattimore cracks me up. Sybil was my favorite sister.  
4. I love home parties--I love them more when I have money. :-) I haven't had one lately but I do miss having my friends from all the different areas in my life together. My favorite parties are Pampered Chef. I also like Party Lite and I don't know what it's called now but I had so many Home Interior parties back in the day.    
 5. I can finish some projects. 

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Patrice said...

I cry every time I see the Budweiser commercials. This year's was so good. We used to have a Clydesdale. I miss him. I can't wait for the next installment of Downton. Two of my girls watch it with me. Have a great week!