Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mom's Day

                           Kaitlyn with House mom Carol

It's hard to believe this is the 3rd year for celebrating Mom's Day at Kappa Delta with Kaitlyn. What happened to my little girl. One more mom's day and her college years will be over (hopefully). For the silent auction, we bought a small Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby when they were marked way down. Kaitlyn painted the purple ornaments and I think her goal was to add the power cat to the black ones, but we just left them plain. I made some of the star ornaments in  K-State material and decided it need a K-State pinwheel for a tree topper. I also made a fleece K-State blanket I forgot to get a full picture of it. I bought a half yard of the K-State fleece print, and a yard of purple fleece, I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. I bought another half yard of purple fleece but they didn't match, so I was back to where I started. I drew out a few ideas but was afraid getting the fleece sewed or cut straight would be a problem. So if you're still with me---- I sewed the ends/sides of the purple to the ends/sides of the K-State print--then I folded and sewed and it work!  We had a fun day, brunch was served and afterwards-- Cadence-- an acapella all men's group was the entertainment and they did a great job.(We are big Pitch Perfect fans here) They sang to the house mom.  Joining us this year was Jim's mom and sister, we hit a few stores Kaitlyn wanted to go to, had a nice lunch and then hit the road.

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